Where to go in March 2015: The Best March Travel Experiences

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Airplane Wreck Diving

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March ushers in Spring across the northern hemisphere, spawning dozens of festivals across the globe.  While Norway is celebrating the first sunrise in months, North Africa and the Middle East are enjoying some of the best temperatures of the season.  Many of the world’s birds are migrating at this time and descend upon key places around the globe to rest.

March is ideal for a vacation to India.  Wedding season is in full force and the celebration of Holi ushers in all kinds of colorful madness.  The weather is still pleasant across much of the country before the punishing heat and humidity of the Summer.


You can find links to some of the best travel blogs, experts who have been there and official information sites to make your research easier. This is an evolving list and I am always looking for fresh and exciting experiences to add, so let me know any amazing things you’ve heard about and your favorites so I can make sure they stay on the list.

Just Plain Crazy March Experiences (Don’t Try This at Home)

Mud Volcano Cartagena

4 Iceland Photography Spots

Palau – Dive an Airplane Wreck:

The ghosts of World War II haunt the depths of the South Pacific creating some of the most unusual wreck dives on the planet. Palau hosts a “Palau Wreck Week” celebration every March.

El Totumo, Colombia – Lounge in the Mud Volcano:

Slither and bob in this bottomless mud volcano that local priests say was converted from lava and fire with holy water..  Whatever the reason, the bubbling mud pool at the top is one of the most unique places to take a dip.  The Mud Volcano

Iceland – Go on the Hunt for the Ghost Plane:

Hunt down the twisted wreckage of the famous ghost plane that crash landed on Iceland’s black sand beach. The Expert Vagabond shows you how with instructions on How to find the Airplane Crash in Iceland

India – Crash an Indian Wedding:

Indian weddings are the most spectacular in the world with up to 10 days of festivities involving the whole town.  Guests of all kinds are generally welcome, and you’re likely to have a few dozen new best friends and more than a few marriage proposals by the end of it.

Iraq – Vacation in Iraq:

This building of unspeakable horrors during the reign of Saddam Hussein now hosts a colorful display of Kurdish culture. Kurdistan is a semi-autonomous region of Iraq that tend to be much more stable. An outstanding time to visit is during the Kurdish New Day celebration, held in March. Shane from The Travel Camel sizes up the Vacation options in Iraq

Where to Go in March for Outdoor Adventure

Shilin Stone Forest China

6 Iceland Ice Cave

Yunnan, China – Get Lost in the Shilin Stone Forest:

Meander on stone walkways chiseled through an ancient karst forest reaching ten stories tall. Many visitors have gotten lost in this endless labyrinth. Tips on Visiting the Shilin Stone Forest

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives – Watch the Beach Glow Blue:

Watch your footsteps in the sand glow blue as billions of bioluminescent bacteria light up the tropical beaches of this island nation. The special bioluminescent bacteria in the water glows blue when the ocean water is disturbed.  On windy nights, entire beaches can be covered in this eerie blue glow.

Iceland – Find the Iridescent Ice Caves:

Explore the iridescent ice caves carved from geothermal activity deep within the glaciers of Iceland. It is safest in the winter months. Moyen Brenn shows you how to find them in this comprehensive guide: How to Find an Ice Cave

Socotra, Yemen – Visit the Alien Island:

This isolated island off the coast of Yemen is said to be “the most alien place on the planet.” Bizarre life forms meet you at every turn. March is generally considered the best month to visit with the clearest ocean visibility while the plants are still green. Visiting Yemen

Where to Go in March for the Best Cultural Experiences

Petra Jordan Night Tours

Cuba Travel Restrictions

Petra, Jordan – Live with Bedouins:

Experience the warmth of traditional Bedouin culture by staying with nomadic locals in the deserts of Wadi Rum. These nomadic people still live deep in the desert near Wadi Rum. The isolation and true Arabian hospitality makes this one of the most unique experiences. Live with Bedouins in Jordan

Trinidad, Cuba – Road Trip in a 1960’s Car:

Road trip Cuba in a vintage American car and witness authentic culture lost to progress for generations when economic development in Cuba came to a standstill with the Cold War in the 1960’s.  See crumbling Havana and lounges frequented by Frank Sinatra then set out across the island to see experience true Cuban culture.  Trinidad is Cuba’s colonial jewel and one of the best cities to visit. Visiting Trinidad, Cuba

Sri Lanka – Visit the traditional Stick Fishermen:

Sri Lankan fishermen balance precariously on stilts over the crashing waves as the sun sets on their traditional practices.

Mumbai, India – Bollywood:

See the brash, chaotic and glitzy atmosphere that makes Mumbai one of a kind.  March is a dry and cool time to go.

Giza, Egypt – Great Pyramids:

The sole surviving of the wonder of the ancient world, the great pyramids defy the imagination.  And with palaces and temples strewn down the Nile, you can experience ancient history at its best.  March has ideal weather.

New Delhi, India – India’s Temple Culture:

India bristles with a mind-boggling array of temples that range from the grandeur of the Taj Mahal to a temple of rats to a futuristic Lotus Temple.  March is a dry month before the scorching summer heat.

Where to Go in March for the Best Spring Festivals

Holi Festival India 2015

Cherry Blossom Festival Japan 2015

Delhi, India – Get Covered in Color: (March 6, 2015)

You’re gonna get messy! This riotous explosion of color is the most celebrated religious festival in India. Celebrations in Delhi tend to be more rowdy than others with virtually nobody escaping the barrage of color.

Kawasaki, Japan-Festival of the Steel Penis (Kanamara Matsuri):

Originally started by local prostitutes praying for protection from STDs has turned into a full-on penis parade complete with a cast iron vagina that parade goers can rub for good luck

Kyoto, Japan – Cherry Blossom Festival: (March 20-April 12, 2015)

Honoring the fleeting beauty of life amid the cycle of nature, the cherry blossoms burst to life simultaneously for a festival that optimizes living “in the moment” The sister festival in Tokyo is rife with spiritual meaning and spectacular night displays. The festival in Kyoto runs from March 25-April 1, 2015. A living gift to the USA from the people of Japan, streets and parks of Washington DC burst with pink blossoms starting at the end of March.

Austin, Texas, USA – South by Southwest (SXSW):  (March 13-22, 2015)

Take in one of the most iconic festivals for the newest trends in film, media and music in the self-proclaimed, “live music Capitol of the world.” Locals strive to keep Austin weird and you’ll see it in everything they do.

Todai-ji Nara, Japan – Omizutori:  (March 1-March 14, 2015)

This sacred water-drawing festival ushers in Spring.  Antiaging waters are pulled from the well at 2 AM, afterwhich Spring begins.

Where to go in March: The March Adrenaline List

Sri Lankan Fishermen

Dubai/ Saudi Arabia – Empty Quarter Survival:

The ultimate survival challenge across the most desolate place on earth.  Learn from Native Bedu, who adapted to thrive in the harshest environment on the planet.  Don’t forget to bring a falcon trained to catch your Supper. The falcon souq in Doha is a great place to get one

Guyana – Jungle Survival Course:

A favorite destination for serious reality show survival training, this course is led by ex-special forces trainers and indigenous experts. You learn how to survive deep in the Amazon rainforest including the mind-blowing array of plants with special uses. Courses include an actual isolated survival period in the rainforest to test your new skills.

Miami, Florida, USA – Everglades Expedition:

This swampy wilderness area is teaming with enormous alligators and snakes that eat them for breakfast, but with the right guide, you can explore this area on foot and by airboats.  Go early in the year before Florida gets incredibly sticky.

Merida, Venezuela – Extreme Sports:

Tucked into the mountains of Venezuela, Merida is the premier travel destination in Venezuela for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers.

Where to Go in March for the Best Parties

St Patricks Day River Chicago

Penis Festival Japan

Goa, India – Full Moon Party: (March 5, 2015)

Once a quiet Beach town of hippy travelers, the full moon parties in Goa have become a staple of the backpacker circuit in India.  Party all night with people of all kinds who have tossed all innovations aside.

Norway – Sunfest Week:

After months of pure darkness, can you imagine how excited you would be to climb out of your igloo and see the sunrise for the first time? This week-long party celebrates the end of the winter darkness.

Dublin, Ireland – St Patricks Day:

The ultimate celebration of what the Irish do better than anyone, drink beer.  Pubs are packed and drinking songs last until the wee hours.  Big festivals also occur in Boston and Chicago, the landing place of many Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine of the early 1900s.

Las Fallas, Spain- Europe’s Largest Street Party:

An endless stew of music fire gunpowder and indulgence

Where to Go in March for the Best Animal Encounters

Galapagos Travel Deals

Borneo Travel Blog

Galapagos, Ecuador – Cruise Galapagos Islands:

Animals have no fear of humans in Charles Darwin’s living laboratory. March brings nesting turtles and sea lion pups to the warm seas of the Galapagos Think you need to mortgage your first home? Think again. How Helen Made Galapagos Affordable

Honduras, La Mosquita Park:

One of the most natural and wild parks in Central America, La Mosquita sprawls across the Caribbean coast of Honduras.  March is when many migrating birds are present.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo – The Strange Creatures of Borneo:

The region of Sabah is home to some of the oddest creatures on the planet, including miniature elephants, orangutans, and the goofy-looking proboscis monkey, who’s pot belly is due to its natural diet which gives this animal explosive gas.

Sri Lanka- Yala National Park:

This premier park in Sri Lanka comes alive in March providing the best opportunities to see leopards and elephants.

Platte River, Nebraska, USA – Sandhill Crane Migration:

In one of the most spectacular migrations, 80% of the world’s 500,000 Sandhill Cranes roost along the Platte River in Nebraska in March.

Israel – Bird Migrations:

In March and April, the landscape of Israel is transformed as Hundreds of millions of birds will pass through this country, including the white stork.

Where to Go in March for the Most Epic Competitions

Iditarod Trail Map

Chatel, France – The Razorsnowbike:

The most daring and senseless mountain bikers on the planet hurl themselves down trails of snow and solid ice.

Alaska – Iditarod Trail:

Teams push the limits of endurance across 1000 miles of Alaskan wilderness in what is called “The last great race on earth. note: due to dangerous snow conditions, the 2015 race course has been pushed north.  Sign up here

Southern Morocco – Marathon des Sables:

the toughest foot race on earth, 6-day ultra marathon through the punishing heat of the Sahara. Sign up here


Which is your favorite?  Any Experiences to Add?

India Temple Map

Iraq Today

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