Be a part of the next great travel blog.  myWanderlist is one of the most exciting new blogs on the internet. This is not the boring travel blog you’re used to.The main focus of the website is on the best genuine travel experiences out there.  Highlighted experiences are unique and unforgettable, and most go viral.  Articles strive for most if not all of the following attributes:

  • Extraordinary adventure within reach
  • Inspiration and finding meaning through travel
  • Cultural understanding

Let’s get more Attention to your Brand

I have a business strategy background with excellent marketing skills and a vast network within the travel community. I’m currently looking for the following partnership options:

  • Exceptional travel experiences that make great stories
  • Value-Added partnerships and collaborations
  • High-Impact Media Trips that Inspire Action
  • Outcome-Driven PR Campaigns

You can download the pdf version of the Media Kit here: myWanderlist Media Kit 3-Sep-14

Audience Overview

myWanderlist has the strongest following in the USA, UK and Canada.  The core advertising audience is 18-44 year old independent travelers and bucketlist travelers.  myWanderlist has built an engaged community along the following attributes:


  • 57% Male
  • 43% Female


  • 69% Travel News
  • 65% Adventure Travel
  • 64% Air Travel
  • 62% Business Travel
  • 62% Luxury Travel

Followers (1-Sep-2014):

  • Facebook: 9,400+
  • Twitter: 44,600+

Only travel related ideas, that match the tone and ethos of this website will be considered.


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