Meet Brad Bernard

My travels have taken me to 92 countries. Specifically, my humanitarian projects in Africa and the Middle East and work in Asia have enabled countless trips to far-fetched places. I seek out freshest off-the-map experiences and push my own personal boundaries by travelling experimentally. My personal quest to find the most extreme and bizarre in travel has bred misadventures and moments of enlightenment alike. My articles aim to illustrate how I overcome personal fears and vulnerabilities while seeking a deeper meaning in the unfamiliar.

My goal is to entertain you in my attempt to pull of the most outrageous travel challenges I have ever discovered. In doing so, you will realize that travel is not as scary or elusive as you think. I don’t know how I can pull these off and survive, but that’s part of the fun.


I will share the most ridiculous travel stories ever heard. Hitchhiking Across Saudi Arabia, Kidnapped Abroad, Living With the Last Sea Gypsies, Arrested Oversees, trapped by swine flu, and many more. In the near future, look for video blogs about the ridiculous experiences on my Extreme Bucket List. I am always interested in new and exciting travel experiences that push the boundaries, so please shoot me a not if you have any ideas!



Some of my popular blog posts include Hitchhiking Across Saudi Arabia, and 5 Secret Places in Bagan, as well as narrative travel essays like Dancing with Corpses in Madagascar.

If you have any feedback or ideas on how to make this site more entertaining or have a travel challenge you would like to see me pull off, I would love to hear from you. Please email me:

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