So a bag full of goodies arrives on my doorstep. From Virgin Atlantic.

It’s a challenge.

a bag of goodies

What’s The Challenge?

I have to figure out the best possible for an itinerary around London, using each item. Scroll down to see the items and some of the ideas I have received….

Hopefully you can help.

I’m looking for the best experiences that are quintessential London and fresh. The most outlandish ideas will make it on the list.

OK, so What’s in the Bag?


Item One: A Sand Bucket.

Sand Bucket

Seriously? A sand bucket? In London? Do they even have beaches there? I thought Londoners just sit around and drink tea and stand in queues.

What London itinerary item can I make with a sand bucket? Please leave any ideas in the comments below.


Item Two: A Telescoping Bike Pump

bike pump

OK, I’m lost here. What can I do with a telescoping bike pump in London. Is London known for biking?

What London itinerary item can I make with a Bike Pump? Please leave any ideas in the comments below.


Item Three: A Bow Tie

bow tie

I’ve seen all the movies. I know everyone in London is posh and hangs out with the queen and debating economics in their huge manors. But what crazy thing can I do with a bow tie?

What London itinerary item can I make with a Bow Tie? Please leave any ideas in the comments below.


Item Four: A Futuristic Thingie


I’m not really sure what this is or what I can do with it. Maybe it conveys strange powers. I have no idea what to do with this or how I can make a connection to London. Any Ideas?

What London itinerary item can I make with a Futuristic Thingie? Please leave any ideas in the comments below.

Item Five: Sport Sandals

Sport Sandals

Ok, this gives me some flexibility. What is the best outdoor experience around London? I know every Londoner plays cricket while wearing a top hat, but are there athletic things to do around London?

What London itinerary item can I make with Sport Sandals? Please leave any ideas in the comments below.


Item Six: Sir Richard’s White Shirt

richard bransons shirt

I think Sir Richard wears the white shirt everywhere. So what would he do in London? What would be over-the-top?

What London itinerary item can I make with Sir Richard Branson’s White Shirt? Please leave any ideas in the comments below.

The London Itinerary:

I will add any ideas you have to this list of possible London itineraries:

1) Sand Bucket: The banks outside Gabriel’s Wharf: I’m not sure if the bucket is best used for sand or as an ice bucket for Bulmers. Either way, I’m going to find out.

2) Bike Pump: Biking and Yurts in the New Forest: This royal forest created by William I bristles with a hundred miles of bike paths and animals running free. Sopley Lake Yurt Camp has luxury glamping in authentic Mongolian Yurts. wow! (Thank you, Janet)

3) Bow Tie: Eat at The Square: Nothing says posh like a fine French restaurant in London with a long wine list. Ideally Daniel Craig would join to talk about his new movie, Spectre.

4) Futuristic Power Bracelet: Regent’s Canal Walk: Keeping track of your pulse walking along the canal from Islington to Little Venice. Regent’s Canal is the historical home of many poets, authors and artists, including the place where Benjamin Britten wrote ‘Peter Grimes.’ (Thank you, Jess)

5) Sport Sandals: Adrenaline Rush at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: This takes every obstacle stunt you can think of and takes it completely over the top. Think ice bucket challenge and walking on burning coals. My fire walking training in India will come in hand for this one.

6) Sir Richard Branson’s Shirt: Tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery: One of the most elegant venues in London with an outdoor terrace for fine days and beautiful views of the palace and its gardens.

Why is Virgin Atlantic Doing This?

Virgin Atlantic has launched a fun new site where you can create a virtual dream bag and get an itinerary for the perfect trip. You can check it out here: Let it Fly


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